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Every summer, Broadneck welcomes the children of our community for a week of growing in faith and creativity while learning a musical to be presented to their families.The play, music, and curriculum are often written by Broadneck members, tailored to meet the needs of our specific time and culture and surrounding community. 
This summer, due to COVID-19, our camp was not face-to-face. Instead, we offered our first VIRTUAL Music and Arts Experience! Nothing can substitute for the relationships forged in a physical setting, but this was a great chance to challenge our kids' creativity and how they think about God and our world.
Our theme for the summer is "God's World, Our World" and focused on our call to care for God's good creation. Instead of taking place over one week, it took place over FOUR: the weeks of July 12, 19, 26 and August 2.  Here's what families did:
  • Each Sunday evening between 5 and 6 pm, drive through at Broadneck Baptist Church for a no-contact pickup of a take-home bag of that week's theme  
  • The bag contains complete supplies for 2-3 hands-on creative activities ranging from an online Zoom painting class to building your own flower box to doing an outdoor scavenger hunt to contributing a piece to a group mural.
  • The bag and our website have links to videos  of Pastor Abby telling a Bible story, members of our leadership team reading books connecting to our theme, and songs that go with our theme.
  • During each week, you're invited to:
    • Watch the videos in our weekly resources
    • Complete the activities in the bags
    • Connect with Pastor Abby in an optional "See and Share" (See your friends and Share what you're learning!" Zoom session for 30 minutes on Wednesdays (July 15, 22, 29 and August 5)
  • The cost for this is only $10/kid ($20/family max) and can be paid at bag pick-up or via PayPal ($10.50/20.75 to cover processing costs--click here)
  • Though designed for kids ages 4-10, 3 year olds or middle schoolers are welcome to participate.
  • Thanks to those whose generosity made this great experiment possible, including:
    • Watershed Stewards Academy for providing materials

    • Spa Creek Conservancy for providing materials

    • AA County Department of Recycling for providing materials

    • Homestead Gardens Severna Park for discounted plants.

    • Brenda and Robby Robertson for garden supplies


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Worship with us Sundays at 10:00am

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