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Winter Relief

For 20 years, this program has provided emergency shelter in the winter months for those experiencing homelessness in Anne Arundel County, housing them in churches where they can receive hot meals and a place to sleep out of the cold. As the program has expanded into the Annapolis area, Broadneck has co-hosted a week of Winter Relief each of the past seven years with Cape St. Claire United Methodist, making space in our facilities to provide hospitality and care to about 25 men and women. Our next week to host will be January 13-20, 2020.


My Brother's Pantry

Located in Arnold on College Parkway, My Brother's Pantry provides well-balanced, non-perishable food every month to those on the Broadneck Peninsula who need a little extra help making ends meet. Volunteers from area congregations collect donations, shelve food, pack and distribute food boxes. Broadneck collects food for My Brother’s Pantry all through the year and takes its turn with the other Broadneck Peninsula churches one or two months each year managing all bagging and delivering food for approximately 150 local families. 



Anne Arundel Connecting Together is a non-partisan multi-faith-based "organization of organizations" working together to build community power so that people's voices are represented, and solutions presented, at the places where decisions are made. This group diverse in faith (Muslim, Jewish, and all sorts of Christian groups are currently involved), race, socioeconomic status, sexual identity, political persuasion is taking concrete action to make our county a better place for ALL. Areas the group currently focuses on include mental health and addictions, safe and affordable housing, fair and just immigration, effective and engaged education, connected and useful transportation, and gun violence.



Serving People Across Neighborhoods is an ecumenical non-profit organization that helps area families in need of emergency assistance. Last year, a total of 2,475 families received financial and food assistance through the work of SPAN, which is supported by 14 partner churches, including Broadneck Baptist. If you or someone you know living in  in Severna Park, Millersville, Arnold, or Broadneck needs assistance, SPAN is there to offer support.


Cape Events

Broadneck is committed to practicing hospitality and building relationships in the Cape St. Claire community through events like a regular Halloween Open House held in conjunction with the Cape Shopping Center Trick-or-Treat night, as well as offering children’s activities every year at the Cape St. Claire Strawberry Festival. We have also offered community fellowship time through ice cream parties or build-a-taco nights, or even a block party complete with jazz music!