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Children in Worship

Worship at Broadneck (10 AM on Sundays) is truly intergenerational. Kids of all ages are welcome in worship and invited to fully participate. Children lead as often as they are interested, helping with readings, the offering, and music.


Every Sunday, a Children’s Sermon in our worship time engages our kids in the biblical story. Kids of all ages are welcome to come forward and participate.


After the Children’s Sermon, our younger kids (roughly pre-K -- grade 2) are invited downstairs for a time of learning centered around the sermon texts.



Tips for helping your child learn to worship

  • Encourage your child to follow words in hymns and readings by moving your finger along the lines on the page.

  • Suggest ways your child may engage what is happening in worship using their own learning style. If they like art, have them draw pictures of the scripture or design a worship banner. If they like math, have them count the number of times they hear a certain word in the sermon.


  • Remember that it’s okay if your child has the wiggles— God’s house is a place where they can come just as they are!

  • Model attentiveness to and engagement with what is going on. They learn from you!


  • Discuss what you did in worship driving home!

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