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Music and Arts Camp

During the summer, Broadneck welcomes the children (grades K-5) of our community for a week of growing in faith and creativity. The drama, music, and curriculum are often written by Broadneck members, tailored to meet the needs of our specific time and culture and surrounding community. 

Our dates for camp in 2024 will be July 15-19, 9am to Noon. Monday through Thursday we will meet at the Broadneck Baptist Church building (1257 Hilltop Drive, Annapolis), and Friday we will have an adventure followed by a program and picnic with families at Goshen Farm (1420 Cape St. Claire Rd). Our theme is Seekers in Sneakers--prepare to be on the move as we follow Jesus wherever he goes! 


We can't wait for summer! Until then, register for this year's camp here and enjoy the photos and video from the past couple of years below!

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