A progressive Baptist community
Annapolis, MD

Who are we Who are we?
Since 1982, Broadneck Baptist has been worshiping and ministering on the Broadneck peninsula. We are committed to being a community of hope and light in the Cape St. Claire community, and around the world. Come visit us and be part of this inclusive, intergenerational, intentional church family committed to making a difference in the world! Explore our affiliations
Inclusive Inclusive
We're a community of difference races, ages, education levels, religious backgrounds, native languages, sexual orientations, political persuasions, and opinions. What binds us together is our commitment to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, and to honor the different ways God's Spirit is at work in each of us.
Intergenerational Intergenerational
At Broadneck, all ages participate in leadership in our congregation. We believe in the importance of building relationships across generations, be it in worship, our annual mission trip to West Virginia where all ages participate, monthly pot luck lunches, or our Music and Arts Camp where children, youth, and adults exercise creativity and learn side-by-side..
Intentional Intentional
Broadneck is committed to being a presence in our community and making an impact in our world. From housing guests who are experiencing homelessness through the Winter Relief program, to hosting community conversations on race, to supporting an orphanage in Zimbabwe, we believe the Gospel is about caring for the whole person--body, mind, soul, and spirit--and are intentional about how we do this. .

Priesthood of Believers

At Broadneck Baptist, we recognize that while pastoral leadership is important, everyone in the community of faith has the power and responsibility to explore, grow, and nuture as part of the priesthood of believers. We all work together to show Christ's love and help bring God's kingdom into people's everyday lives.
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Audio Recordings

Nearly every week, we record and post recordings of the sermons at Broadneck Baptist to help us connect and reflect. To get to know our pastors and our community, browse the recordings from the last five years and wrestle and wonder along with us as we learn more about God and God's love for all.
Hear sermons and meditations from pastors and guests at archive.org

1257 Hilltop Drive, Cape St. Claire
Annapolis, MD 21409
Phone: 410-757-8583
email our pastor: abby (at) broadneckbaptistchurch (d0t)org